Beware Windows 10 Updates

Microsoft has recently pulled two Windows 10 updates, that can cause system freezes and crashes across every supported version of Windows 10 – from Windows 10 Home through to Enterprise and even Server. The update designated as KB4524244, which was available for just four days, has been pulled along with KB4532693, a security fix released two years ago by Microsoft, which just recently begun causing stop errors and Blue Screen of Death crashes.

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Add a virtual machine in the new Azure South African data center

Adding new South African located virtual machines is now possible using the simple Azure Add Virtual Machine ‘wizard’  in the Azure Portal. Alternatively, you can use the Microsoft Azure SDK for Python or Powershell and specify the South Africa (North) location to provision your new virtual machine in the brand new Johannesburg Azure data center.

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Dark Mode

Dark mode is a thing. In fact it’s the new black. First made popular by Apple on macOS Mojave last year, it is now available on iOS 13 and iPAD OS 13, as well as Windows 10 and Android mobiles. You can also enable Dark Mode in many apps such as Facebook Messenger, Google Maps, Microsoft Edge, Outlook and Word; Mozilla Firefox, Slack, Twitter, YouTube and more. Continue reading “Dark Mode”

You’ve been hacked

What to do in the event of a security breach

First – Reset your password and then carry on reading.

According to the Radicati 2015 Email Statistics Report, the number of worldwide email users was set reach almost 3 billion this year, receiving almost 100 messages a day. The ubiquitous nature of email combined with its continued growth makes your accounts a tempting target for hackers. So here is how to prevent a hack, notice you have been hacked and how to act on your suspicions. Continue reading “You’ve been hacked”

Price increase announcement

To all customers, please note there is an increase in pricing on our dollar based products as of September 2019.

Notably, the price increase will only affect the following products, with all other pricing remaining constant:

  • Office 365 Business Premium: R189
  • Office 365 Business Essentials: R78
  • Office 365 ProPlus: R169
  • Exchange Online Plan 2: R119
  • Office 365 E3: R299
  • OneDrive for Business Plan 1: R74
  • OneDrive for Business Plan 2: R149
  • Project Online Professional: R490
  • Windows Server Standard Core: R449
  • Windows Server Remote Desktop CAL: R99

Even with the slight increases in the above items, Databias’ month-to-month pricing will always be less or equal to Microsoft’s annual commitment offerings, thereby offering you the most flexible licensing for your business.

Rest assured that we will always endeavour to keep our prices as low as possible whilst continuing to offer a stable platform and knowledgeable, dedicated support.