Still the most disregarded tool in your marketing tool box?

What is the most cost-effective way to dynamically communicate in a professional and yet personal manner with customers, suppliers and your social network?

The answer is simple – Email!

Consider how many hundreds of emails you and your collective colleagues send each day – then consider the potential.

Corporate email has been the primary means of communication with customers, leads, suppliers and business partners for almost two decades now. reported that in 2017, roughly 269 billion emails were sent and received around the world each day. That is more than double the amount predicted by Radicati back in 2012. Radicati’s latest report on email states that “the total worldwide email traffic, including both Business and Consumer emails, is estimated to be over 281 billion emails/day by year-end 2018, growing to over 333 billion emails/day by the end of 2022.”

“Email remains the most ubiquitous form of communication. Email accounts are required for any form of online presence from signing on to social media sites, to shopping online, to gaining access to online portals, as well as access to all forms of online communication.”

From a business perspective, corporate emails are highly relevant, sent to a defined and known business specific audience and – are read, shared and replied too. We believe that it is imperative that email works well and looks good, which is why we developed our very own email branding platform.

A well-managed email branding strategy offers the advantages of trust, timing and personalisation for marketers looking to transform the effectiveness and relevance of their communication. For example, different email signatures or banners can be set up for different roles within the business from management to sales and support.

Interestingly, this approach is particularly compelling when it comes to growing a social media following. At even the most basic level, adding a Twitter Follow and blog link, to your signature can transform the way in which you engage.

It is, however, important to enhance, rather than detract from the primary objective: the essential information embedded within the email. Which is why control over consistency of messaging is key.

A central control mechanism such as the one offered by Databias takes the onus away from the individual and enables the marketing team to manage the branding process. A central approach to signature creation and banner deployment ensures any dynamic email branding automatically reflects current corporate messaging – from current promotions to the latest social media activity.

With the right approach to email signatures organisations can create a new, highly effective communications channel that exploits existing investment in both off and online marketing to drive greater engagement and interaction with employees, customers and suppliers.

The best thing about this is that it is also so cost effective. Contact Databias today for a quote on your branding. At R20p/m per mail box and the first month free – it’s a no-brainer.

View the Databias email branding offer here.