Microsoft pricing update

As communicated earlier this year, we renewed all current Microsoft licenses on the CSP platform in February, thereby keeping license costs down for the entire year. The price of the licenses listed below have however gone up slightly. All other CSP pricing remains the same.

Business Basic from R90 to R112 pm.*
Microsoft Defender Plan 1 from R20 to R33 pm.*
Office 365 E3 from R378 to R398 pm.*
Visio Online Plan 2 from R230 to R338 pm.*

Please also keep in mind that all CSP licenses will terminate and cross over to the New Commerce Experience in February next year. We will continue to offer monthly commit and payment options, however these do come at a premium, so we recommend you consider annual licenses for your more stable workforce.

All customers already using Microsoft’s NCE products have been enjoying the benefit of a fixed exchange rate these past six months. This term is now over and the monthly prices have gone up. New NCE prices are advertised on our website here.