Beware Windows 10 Updates

Microsoft has recently pulled two Windows 10 updates, that can cause system freezes and crashes across every supported version of Windows 10 – from Windows 10 Home through to Enterprise and even Server. The update designated as KB4524244, which was available for just four days, has been pulled along with KB4532693, a security fix released two years ago by Microsoft, which just recently begun causing stop errors and Blue Screen of Death crashes.

While Microsoft is working on an improved updates, it is recommended that users follow these steps if they have installed any updates recently:

1. In Windows Desktop Search (the little ring on your taskbar) type ‘update history’

2. Click on ‘View your Update History’ when it appears

3. A window will open from Settings listing all your installed updates. At the top, a blue highlighted option says Uninstall Update – click on that

4. A new tab will open called ‘Installed Updates’ and will open a list very similar to the list that appears when you wish to uninstall a regular programme.

5. Go through the updates under Microsoft Windows and select the update suffixed with the number (KB4524244) or (KB4532693 – this update may be much lower in the list) then click Uninstall.

6. When it is done, exit all tabs and restart Windows.