Video Conferencing

The fact that millions of locked down businesses can enjoy video-calling simultaneously at near broadcast quality today is a technological miracle considering that only 25 years ago, an entire day’s worth of trans-Pacific data consisted of approximately 50GB. An average South African household in the mid-LSM range in this day and age uses 3-5 GB a day, and there are millions of  us.
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Beware Windows 10 Updates

Microsoft has recently pulled two Windows 10 updates, that can cause system freezes and crashes across every supported version of Windows 10 – from Windows 10 Home through to Enterprise and even Server. The update designated as KB4524244, which was available for just four days, has been pulled along with KB4532693, a security fix released two years ago by Microsoft, which just recently begun causing stop errors and Blue Screen of Death crashes.

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Add a virtual machine in the new Azure South African data center

Adding new South African located virtual machines is now possible using the simple Azure Add Virtual Machine ‘wizard’  in the Azure Portal. Alternatively, you can use the Microsoft Azure SDK for Python or Powershell and specify the South Africa (North) location to provision your new virtual machine in the brand new Johannesburg Azure data center.

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