Video Conferencing

The fact that millions of locked down businesses can enjoy video-calling simultaneously at near broadcast quality today is a technological miracle considering that only 25 years ago, an entire day’s worth of trans-Pacific data consisted of approximately 50GB. An average South African household in the mid-LSM range in this day and age uses 3-5 GB a day, and there are millions of  us.

Because of the current situation, more of us now are working from home then ever before. Having intuitive technology on hand is a great enabler and it was this that made video conferencing so popular in the past few months.

If you are a Microsoft user with E3+ licenses, you will soon have access to Microsoft Teams.

As of April 21, Microsoft has included the Microsoft Teams software within 365 for the average consumer. “Microsoft Teams has seen significant growth over the last year, from 20-million business users in November to 44-million in April. About 12-million users included in the bump have joined the service between 11 March to 18 March,” reports ITNewsAfrica.

This number will only grow as more people around the world are forced to work from home due to Coronavirus lockdowns.
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