What happened to the Databias hosted Microsoft Exchange?

After running a hosted Microsoft Exchange service for the last 7 years, Databias has made the difficult decision to wind down the product and migrate all existing customers to the 365 platform. Although the Exchange cluster we operated had well over 99.9% up-time over this period, we could not compete against the aggressive pricing offered by our supplier, Microsoft, in the form of their 365 cloud email service. This fact, coupled with the benefit that 365 users get with Microsoft’s other cloud products, such as Azure, made our move to the cloud that much more appealing.

We have already successfully migrated over a hundred companies and thousands of users to the 365 platform using a tried and tested cut-over method. This technique uses a customised system of DNS changes and database routing tables which has ensured zero downtime of services and no loss of email whatsoever for all migrated customers.

We have been responsible for the delivery and sanitising (anti-spam and anti-virus) of almost 100 000 legitimate emails per day and will continue to offer free MX services to our 365 licensed clients. As a team we have increased our depth of knowledge in the Exchange product considerably over the last several years and hope that our near perfect track record of service and support will continue to attract new customers looking for email and licensing excellence.