OneDrive vs OneDrive for Business

Microsoft’s OneDrive is a cloud-based storage solution similar to Dropbox. Onedrive stores folders, documents, Photos and other digital media. It syncs with a specified folder on your Desktop. For example; My Documents.

Onedrive is intended for Consumers to easily share content with others. Additional storage is available at a cost.

So what is OneDrive for Business then?

OneDrive for business also stores data in the cloud, but it works in a different way in the back. It uses SharePoint Online. There are two types of places where you can store your data.

1. Team sites

Intended for collaboration on office files.
Helpful for running and keeping track of your teams and projects.
You have one rootsite, which can contain multiple subsites.
Each site can have one or more document libraries for storing office files.
Has a local folders called SharePoint, with folders like [HR Site], [Accounting Site] etc.

2. Personal sites

Intended for storing your personal office files.
You can share content with others inside and outside your organization.
Has a local folder called OneDrive@CompanyName.

In conclusion, the normal OneDrive is for personal use, and OneDrive for Business is for, well you guessed it, businesses! It helps you keep track of projects and teams which you cannot do in vanilla OneDrive.