Why choose Databias as your Microsoft 365 reseller

Databias is a proud Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and long-time member of the Microsoft Partner program. We’re a cutting edge South African hosting and cloud services provider but, most importantly, we’re fanatical about support. We believe that Microsoft offers the best business products on the market and when you purchase your Microsoft licensing through Databias you can rely on knowledgeable, personalized customer service and localized support for the best user experience ever.

What are the benefits of using a Cloud Solution Provider versus going straight to Microsoft?

  • Your CSP will be the first point of contact for all of your Microsoft queries, so you don’t need to go through Microsoft’s support channels.
  • A CSP should be knowledgeable in all current Microsoft products which ensures you always choose the best product for your use case.
  • Most CSP’s offer their own support helpdesk. We are passionate about ours.
  • Your CSP will bill you directly in Rands which means you can claim your VAT back; this means big savings. For example; if you have a company of 100 users and you buy Office 365 Premium licenses for all of them, you will save roughly R20 per person per month, which translates to a R2000 per month saving for a product that actually offers more.
  • Why is it more? Databias offers value adds such as free mail filtering, inexpensive email branding, hosting and domains which can also be purchased on a single invoice. In addition, our control panel software will in future warn people of over-licensing and integrate more deeply into Azure Active Directory.

Why is Databias a Microsoft CSP?

The Cloud Solution Provider program allows us to own the end-to-end Mircosoft customer life cycle  from solutions to support to billing. With multiple touch points, we build stronger relationships with our customers and spur deeper engagement. We find that we are much more effective partners to our customer’s businesses than Microsoft operating alone could ever be, not only by always being available for calls, emails and remote support, but by going the extra-mile to ensure our customers have a positive Microsoft experience.